I realized:  There were no birds.
The number of birds and the damage they caused seemed to increase each year in my small cherry orchard at the edge of Yakima, Wa.  I figured as much as 20% of the crop went to the birds.

I read in a Government bulletin that where the American Kestrel is living...the other birds are NOT living.  Knowing there was no guarantee it would work, I built two nesting boxes to attract this hawk.  What did I have to lose.  I had kind of forgotten about them until one day in the Spring when I climbed the wind machine to clear out the bird nests  There was not a single nest.  This was the time of year that birds were actively bulding their nests.  I realized there were no birds.

No birds
in the orchard
None on the antenna on the house
None on the wind machine
None making nests in the trees

This worked for me!

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